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Emerson Waldorf School

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 The Emerson Waldorf Parent Organization invites you to spread the word!
Parents and guardians from the greater community are invited!.  A suggested donation of $25/family is requested, but parents can attend regardless. We do not want money to prevent a parent from attending.
Register for one workshop or more. You can always return to this link to register for another workshop if you're not sure you can attend all.
Please Note: This series may not be taken for court-ordered families and participation certificates are not available.
Monthly Sundays, 3-5 pm 
September 23 - Love's Other Name - Discipline from Preschool to 3rd GradeBeing the "Governor" Parent. The How and the Why.
October 7 - Heartbeat of Your HomeRitual and RhythmThe importance of bedtime, transitions, meal planning, chores, and more!
November 4 - Soul Fever - Noticing & Treating Anxiety and OverwhelmThe growing pains of life show up in an emotional upset. It's all part of self-regulation. Learn to respond effectively and, when possible, prevent meltdowns.
December 2 - Healthy Boundaries & Compliance Preschool to 3rd GradeThere are 5 Essentials to healthy compliance. Parents will find greater success before they give their child a direction following these steps! Learn to become the "Sun" in your household and the "planets" will align.
January 13 - Simple Spaces - Creating a Waldorf Home AestheticThere's a magic in the Waldorf aesthetic. The physical space helps create the emotional climate. What are the essentials of creating lovely spaces.
February 3 - Create Your Sustainable Family Schedule in a Busy WorldChildren thrive on activity. Activity without downtime is unsustainable. Find a new way forward where activity is balanced through sabbath moments.
March 24 - Love's Other Name - Discipline for the 10-14 yoBeing the "Gardener" Parent. The How and the Why.
April 28 - Waldorf's Relationship with Technology & ScreensWaldorf is not anti-tech, it's pro-connection. Explore this important relationship and discover when the world of tech and screens makes sense for kids.
May 19 - Waldorf-Speak - The Layman's Guide from Gesture to Impulse and Everything In-BetweenWaldorf is a culture. There's a language and there are theories. Discover new terms, be introduced to the basics of Anthroposophy, temperaments, 12-senses,  incarnation, and the Divine.

Simplicity Parenting Series, Emerson Waldorf School събитие

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