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Medical University - Plovdiv

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Improving, Clinical, Communication, Consultation and Surgical Skills in Medicine Course

Series of Two Day Courses in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in 2019

23rd - 24th February 2019 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

23rd - 24th March 2019 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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27th  - 28th April 2019 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

18th - 19th May 2019 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

12th – 13th October 2019 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

9th – 10th November 2019 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Important Practical Clinical, Communication, Surgical and Consultation in Medicine Skills Course are available in London, UK and Plovdiv, Bulgaria in 2018 to all Healthcare Professionals and students.
Who is it open to?






Occupational Therapists


General Practitioners/Family Physicians

Primary Care Staff

Community Health Care Staff

Medical Students

Dental Students

Healthcare Students

All other Healthcare Professionals with interest in public health

Importance of Communication, Clinical, Surgical and Consultation Skills in Medicine and Healthcare
Good communication, clinical, surgical and consultation skills are very important in medical and health care.  Effective doctor-patient communication is a central clinical function in building a therapeutic doctor-patient relationship, which is the heart and art of medicine. This is essential in the delivery of high-quality health care. Much patient dissatisfaction and many complaints are due to breakdown in the doctor-patient relationship. However, many doctors tend to overestimate their ability in communication, clinical and surgical skills. Over the years, much has been published in the literature on this important topic. We undertake a course on doctor-patient communication, improving clinical, surgical and communication skills in healthcare.
The course on is designed to equip healthcare professionals and students with the knowledge and understanding in order to **** the challenges in health and medical practice in dynamic World.
What will the course cover?
The course will use various teaching and learning methods, including lectures, interactive group works, practical skills work, problem-solving approach and other teaching and learning methods. The course will include the following topics: 

the role of doctors and healthcare workers in society

Understanding the UK Healthcare System

Medical and clinical audit

Problem-based learning

Evidence-based Medicine and quality of patient care

communication skills

Consultations Skills

Clinical skills

Surgical Skills and various modern surgical techniques

Smoking Cessation Techniques

Advanced Patients History taking Techniques

Cross-cultural issues in patient communications

Dealing with age differences and issues

Dealing with various attitudes

How to deal with language barriers

Improving interpersonal skills of healthcare workers

Listening Skills

Language Skills - Verbal and Written

Non-Verbal Skills - Expressive

Receptive matters

Inequalities in health and deprivation issues

Doctor-patient relationship issues

legal and ethical issues in healthcare

Effective time management in consultations

and many more topics

How would I benefit from the course?
At the end of the course you will have an understanding of: 

Advances in communication, clinical, surgical and consultation skills in the changing World

Have the understanding and knowledge of the UK healthcare system and how it works

How communication and consultations outcomes affects your practice

Practical consultation and communication skills techniques

Issues surrounding culture, deprivation and health inequality in health, and their impact on medical communications and consultations.

Improving Doctor-patient relationship

Ethical dilemmas and legal practicalities in medical communications and consultations.

Culture and Age Appropriateness

How to improve language skills

Dealing effectively with receptive and attitudinal issues

Efficient and effective time management in consultations

Problem-based Learning Techniques

Evidence-based Medicine and Critical Appraisal skills

Medical and Clinical Audit Skills

How will my Institution benefit?
At the end of the course your Institution will:
Update its policies on the current issues in communication and consolation skills for practicing healthcare workers and students.

Meet the challenge of developing efficient communication and consultation skills training for its workforce and students.

Have an understanding of how to improve consultations and communications for patients and its population.

have an understanding of the skills required to undertake needs assessment

Be able to apply efficient consultations and communications principle to its work.

Improve the education and research activities in communication and consultations skills.

Have the knowledge of evidence-based system and problem-based learning

Have the knowledge and understanding of medical and clinical audit, including quality of patient care.

Improving Clinical,Communication,Consultation & Surgical Skills in Medicine, Medical University - Plovdiv събитие

Internal Auditors CQI&IRCA accredited ISO 9001:2015

Internal Auditors CQI&IRCA accredited ISO 9001:2015

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