четвъртък, 30. май 2019, G22 Pearson Building, 2019 Rick Battarbee Lecture: Professor Melanie Leng

от 30. май 2019 - 17:00 до 18:30

G22 Pearson Building

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Understanding past climates using oxygen isotopes from sediments
Talk Abstract
The isotope composition of endogenic and biogenic carbonates and diatom silica are commonly used as palaeoclimate proxies from lake and ocean sediments. This talk reviews the controls on the isotope composition of lacustrine skeletal and non skeletal deposits and illustrates how stable isotope studies contribute to an understanding of environmental and climate change. There are differences in the palaeoclimate potential of different types of sediments which will be investigated. A number of recent case studies will be presented from across the globe.
Professor Melanie Leng Biography
Prof Melanie Leng is the Director of the Centre for Environmental Geochemistry at the British Geological Survey and Professor of Isotope Geosciences at the University of Nottingham. Her own lab group comprises the Stable Isotope Facility, which is part of the national centre of excellence for isotope research. She specialises in environmental studies including palaeolimnology and palaeoceanography.

2019 Rick Battarbee Lecture: Professor Melanie Leng, G22 Pearson Building събитие

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