сряда, 03. април 2019, MentorMate Veliko Tarnovo Office, Putting it all together with Apache Kafka - Veliko Tarnovo

от 03. април 2019 - 18:30 до 21:30

MentorMate Veliko Tarnovo Office

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описание на събитието
The lecture will be a dive into the popular Apache Kafka stream-processing software platform. We will explore the abstractions Kafka provides and the ecosystem that the Confluent platform brings around it.

Nice to have
The demo in the lecture would be done using the Apache Kafka Java client, so basic Java experience is required.

What will you learn

How to setup a local Kafka cluster that is scalable, robust and quick

How to build applications that can publish and subscribe to data

How to make a Kafka cluster in completely decoupled systems

Покажи повече

What is the role of Kafka in the modern data distribution pipeline

Which are the core Kafka architectural concepts and components

Which are the Kafka developer APIs

18:30 h: Registration
18:45 h: Introduction
What is Kafka
Use Cases
Kafka Fundamentals


Producers & Consumers

Topics & Partitions



Consumer Groups

Delivery Guarantees

Cool Features


20:00 h: Grab a drink, have a **** and network

Vasil Nonchev -  Software Development Lead - Java at MentorMate
Deniz Hashimov - Senior Java Developer at MentorMate

How to get here: 
If you have any trouble finding us, please call at 0896 754 069 
Looking forward to meeting you!

Putting it all together with Apache Kafka - Veliko Tarnovo, MentorMate Veliko Tarnovo Office събитие

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