сряда, 24. април 2019, Cafe Sicilia, Tewksbury, MA - Get your Side Hustle On!

от 24. април 2019 - 18:30 до 20:30

Cafe Sicilia

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Call it the gig economy. The freelance economy. Social selling. Relationship marketing. A side hustle. Referral marketing. Or anything you want to call it. It’s a growing trend, and it’s firmly here to stay. Maybe you’re looking for a little extra income on the side of a profession you love. Maybe you want to build a significant business that replaces your day job. Maybe you just want a back-up plan. Whatever your reason, we invite you join us at this meeting to learn more about a unique side hustle opportunity with Viv!This event will be hosted by area “side-hustle” entrepreneur, David Joyce, and will include industry pro, Brenden Kenny, as a special guest speaker!Agenda:6:30pm - Networking7pm - Viv Overview Presentation

Tewksbury, MA - Get your Side Hustle On!, Cafe Sicilia събитие

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