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ul. "Pozitano" 3

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Hello dear food lovers!

After many successful Brazilian Nights, Botequim da Sil decided to join forces with other 3 great chefs to provide you an amazing culinary experience!
Food Fest: International Edition has the goal to bring a bit of different cultures through food and music. This time around we will count with 4 different countries providing their unique contribution to this special night. You will be able to taste dishes from Brazil, India, Japan and Romania while listening to Brazilian music, all provided by natives and descendants from these cultures.

The food will be provided by the chefs: Silvia Castel (Brazil), Balaji Elumalai (India), Gabriela Harue Tamashiro (Japan) and Madi Sofia (Romania). The live music will be performed by Brazilian singer/songwriter Bia Carvalho together with her bandmates from Gentlemen, Mila Ninova and Alex Gesheva.

The event will be held at Garvana i Guleto in downtown Sofia. The entrance fee includes the live music, event costs and 1 dish from a country of your choice, the options are:
Brazil - "Coxinha" (Deep fried dough with chicken and cream cheese filling)
India - "Gulab Jamun" (Milk-solid-based sweet)
Japan - "Guioza" (Small dumpling with cabbage and pork)
Romania - "Turta Dulce" (Vegan gingerbread)

Attention! After the purchase of the ticket, the organizers will contact you up to 24h through email to select your entrance dish, please check your inbox.

Food Fest: International Edition, ul. "Pozitano" 3 събитие

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