вторник, 11. юни 2019, Source Institute Kitchen, Startup Immersion

от 11. юни 2019 - 18:30
до 20. юни 2019 - 21:00

Source Institute Kitchen

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A hands-on deep dive covering the muddy exploration and hard decisions that founders ****.
Learning from customers   Learn to turn 5-10 customer conversations into clear direction towards a viable business. Product Design   How do you decide which type of product to build, and how do you get the first version right? Launching and making money   So many entrepreneurs start with nothing, and quickly build money-making businesses. You’ll learn how to get this speedy start.
What’s next?
After Startup Immersion, you’ll be welcome to join more Source support: workshops, open interviews with successful technologists, presentation training, and peer-support groups to continue progressing your project. This is an open door to ongoing support.
June 11: How entrepreneurs reduce risk
- Comparing how we calculate risks to how successful entrepreneurs do it. We'll use this to spot better opportunities and to find aligned co-founders.
June 13: Researching monetizable customer needs
- Practical research techniques that turn customer's words into facts, decisions and action.
June 18: Product Launch & Iteration
- What's improtant in version 1 and what isn't? We'll actually launch a product idea today, and learn to collect targeted feedback for fast improvement.
June 20: Managing by the metrics
- We'll impliment a metrics framework that's used in 2 of the world's top performing startup funds. Managing by these numbers keeps your whole team working towards the biggest impact on a weekly basis.

Startup Immersion, Source Institute Kitchen събитие

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