неделя, 09. юни 2019, PrepYou.Eu, One Day Rifle Course - Introduction

от 09. юни 2019 - 10:30 до 18:00


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This one day course is designed for complete novices who have never had any firearms training at all and all instruction is in English. Students will become competent on three different weapon systems (MP5, AK47 and Dragunov Sniper Rifle) and will be able to apply the Principles of Marksmanship with each at distances from 30m to 150 meters.

Course Contents

Range safety 
Safe handling of the weapon system
NSPs (Normal Safety Procedures)
Marksmanship Principles
Grouping & Zeroing
Shooting from 30-150m with Iron Sights
Shooting at 150m with optics
Stoppage Drills
Stripping & Assembly (Time Permitting)

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What's included:

Approx. 150 rounds for three weapon systems
Weapon rental
Range rental
Instructor Fee
Range Saftey Officer & Medical Cover

What's NOT included:

Transport to and from range
Lunch (Can be provided - Please contact us for more information)
Soft drinks at the range

One Day Rifle Course - Introduction, PrepYou.Eu събитие

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