събота, 29. юни 2019, Musala Peak, Above The Limit

от 29. юни 2019 - 7:00
до 30. юни 2019 - 7:00

Musala Peak

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Above The Limit is a running race, held on an iconic route between the two highest peaks in Bulgaria – peak Musala (2925) in Rila mountain and peak Vihren (2914) in Pirin mountain. It was first popularised in 2007 when the first recorded run was completed with the aim of linking both peaks in less than 24 hours. But attempts of fast times go as far as the 80s. Since then, a few solo and group runs were performed with the same 24 hour goal with varied success. The fastest recorded time is 21:10, done in 2018.
The route in between passes through one of the most scenic areas in both mountains and includes a variety of technical terrain, ridges, rock hopping, bush wacking and nice runnable trails. The biggest hurdles are the Koncheto ridge and peak Pavlev with their exposed ridges.
Total distance is 77km with 4500 meters of positive elevation change.

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In 2019, "Hill Season Running Company" is presenting the first organised event on this route. On 29 June 2019, a selected number of runners will attempt the first race between the two peaks with the goal of testing their strengths and lowering the time for linking both peaks. Be prepared for:

50 runners at the start

No marking on the route

Two checkpoints at km 25 and 50

No crew, no pacers

Time limit of 24 hours

No whining

This is a post-graduate run and is not intended for beginners. Please be suitably prepared before attempting it.
Please note, that the Everest Hut limit is 30 beds. We sell 20 more slots for people that will organise their own lodgings.

Above The Limit, Musala Peak събитие

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