вторник, 01. октомври 2019, Plymouth College of Art, Plymouth College of Art - 10 week Natural Dyeing Techniques for Beginners

от 01. октомври 2019 - 17:45
до 10. декември 2019 - 20:45

Plymouth College of Art

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During this introduction to natural dyeing, we will explore the wide range of colours available to us from the natural world, from deep indigo blues to soft avocado skin pinks. Using a wide range of natural dye produce we will create a whole spectrum of colour, exploring different resist methods to create patterns.
You will be encouraged to work on developing your own projects within the dyeing classes and to think about how you could use natural dyeing. For example, if you are a keen knitter, you could think about dyeing yarns or creating some interesting effects through dip or space dyeing.
You will be supplied with fabric for test pieces and experimentation but will be encouraged to expand this using your own fabrics, fibres or yarns.
Location: Plymouth College of Art, Tavistock Place
Start Time: 17.45
End Time: 20.45
Start Date: 01/10/19
End Date: 10/12/19
Day: Tuesday
Fee: £220
Course Content
Week 1
Introduction to vegetable dyeing, we will cover the basics including different fibre types, what kinds of vegetable dyes work well and different mordants. We will also discuss other projects students might want to undertake.
Week 2
Shibori dyeing and an introduction to indigo dyeing. In this session, we will cover folding shibori techniques to make beautifully geometric patterned fabrics, as well as the preparation of an indigo dye bath.

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Week 3
Continuing to develop shibori techniques, we will look at using different folding techniques together to develop designs.
Week 4
Dyeing with woad and weld, creating yellow, blue and overdyeing to create green. We will also look at rust dyeing.
Week 5
Catch up session to recap on anything students might wish to, or to work on personal projects.
Week 6
In-depth look at vegetable dyeing, we will look into overdyeing to create a whole spectrum of colour.
Week 7
Batik wax-resist dyeing, using tjantings to draw out designs with melted wax.
Week 8
Eco printing, a technique involving the wrapping of natural material to create interesting marks and patterns on fabrics.
Week 9
Flower smashing, transferring colour directly from dyestuff onto fabric. A fun technique.
Week 10
A chance for students to work on their own projects, or to go back over anything they really want to explore in more depth.
Entry Requirements
Materials and Equipment
Demonstration or materials for experimentation will be provided free of charge but you will be required to purchase your own materials in order to complete your personal creative projects. Please wear old clothes/an overall or apron and strong, flat, closed-toe footwear.
You should bring rubber gloves and an apron, and students often find having a note/sketchbook to keep samples in useful, and a pen.
Please note that all courses are subject to student numbers and will only run if sufficient numbers are achieved. Plymouth College of Art reserves the right to cancel a course if insufficient student numbers are recruited.

Plymouth College of Art - 10 week Natural Dyeing Techniques for Beginners, Plymouth College of Art събитие

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