сряда, 19. февруари 2020, London, Sales Confidence & Venatrix - [SDR, BDR and First Sales Job Only] B2B SaaS Sales Talks - London

от 19. февруари 2020 - 18:00 до 22:00


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Please note this event is for SDR, BDR and First Sales Job Only in SaaS.....
Sales Confidence - SDR, BDR and First Sales Job Only Event
SDR - Sales Development Rep
BDR - Business Development Rep
SaaS - Software-as-a-service
[This event is for you if you are an SDR, BDR or have a role whereby you do not currently carry a revenue quota but your job is to support account executives. You can also be someone in their first sales role at a SaaS company]
Diamond Sponsor: Salesloft - the leading sales engagement platform, helping sales organizations to deliver a better sales experience for their customers. For more information visit .
Sponsors: Notion Capital, Pipedrive, Xactly, SalesSeek, Tech London Advocates, Eventbrite, Refract, Cognism, Kandidate, Venatrix, London & Partners,Ingenio, Zendesk and SNP Communications
If you want to learn what it takes to move into sales - this is the only event in London worth attending. After building the largest community of SaaS Sales professional in the UK we are proud to have lined up some awesome top performing A players from some of the worlds best SaaS Companies.
Our events always sell out so don't delay. The reason we are charging for this event is due to very limited capacity. Also by buying a low cost ticket you are committing to attend :)
Are you interested in understanding how to become number 1 in your business? Are you interested in developing skills to improve your chances of success in your current role in 2019? This is absolutely the event for you.
Perhaps you are wondering which startups are going to be the next Salesforce, Google, Facebook or Microsoft and need to hone the SaaS sales skills you’ll need to get their attention?
If the answers to these questions is yes, then join us at a unique event where you’ll learn from some of London’s best sales leaders, network with the coolest and most successful tech companies around including Linkedin, Duedil, Huddle, PeakOn, Qualtrics, Salesforce, Zendesk and many others.
We promise: you’ll learn something new, make great contacts and enjoy yourself!
Who is behind the event?

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Sales Confidence is a fast-growing network for the UK’s SaaS sales leaders and those who want to learn from them.  We’re championing the importance of SaaS sales, giving a voice to this community which is so vital to the growth of digital businesses and the UK economy. We’re inviting sales professionals to help us accelerate this movement - to help the future generation of sales leaders and ensure London and the UK continue to compete with the best in Silicon Valley.
Join the movement at
SalesLoft is the leading sales engagement platform, helping sales organizations to deliver a better sales experience for their customers.
For more information visit .
Cognism - Cognism is an end-to-end sales-acceleration solution that provides sales organizations with a more efficient way to prospect.  Cognism is a pure AI sales technology company that generates prospect data at scale, cleaning and enriching it, helping sales teams to grow and scale across all levels of the sales process.
For more information visit >
About the Event
This is a unique, invite-only event for SaaS SDR, BDR and First Sales Job Only. This is a chance to hear from best in London. Individuals who have already been promoted or are leading in their current team!
Your going to hear about practical, tactical and useful tips to be better.
We want to connect you with like-minded people from  Linkedin, Duedil, Huddle, PeakOn, Qualtrics, Microsoft, Salesforce, Zendesk and many, many more companies at the heart of the digital economy.
The agenda for the evening 
6:00pm - Drinks and Networking on arrival7:00pm - Opening James Ski, Founder Sales Confidence
7:10pm - Speaker '7 minute talks'
Speaker 1 - 
Speaker 2 - 
Speaker 3 - 
Speaker 4 - 
Speaker 5 - 
Panel - 
8:00pm – More Drinks and Networking
After Party
About the Speakers

Additional Notes
We only have the capacity for 50 people on this occasion.  All attendees will be screened for relevance to the SaaS industry and be given access to the invite-only 'Sales Confidence' Facebook and Linkedin groups. It's for this reason we charge a nominal fee. Drinks and Food are Included -yippy!
If you can't make it this time, sign up for the Sales Confidence newsletter at and we’ll keep you up-to-date with future events.
Opportunity to partner our event series is available now. If you would like to find out more please email info@salesconfidence.co for our sponsorship pack. 

Sales Confidence & Venatrix - [SDR, BDR and First Sales Job Only] B2B SaaS Sales Talks - London, London събитие

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