вторник, 15. октомври 2019, Polsky Exchange - Washington Park Classroom, OKR Go: How to Set Goals and Grow a Results-Driven Culture

от 15. октомври 2019 - 12:00 до 13:30

Polsky Exchange - Washington Park Classroom

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If you completed all your tasks, does that guarantee success? How do you grow an autonomy culture, while still ensuring that the important things get done? This workshop walks through the Objectives + Key Results framework, used to set goals in companies like Google and Intel, and helping teams stretch themselves and bring ideas that impact the most important metrics you care Outline: We’ll cover:- What are OKRs, and how to write them- Pitfalls to avoid when first introducing them- How to build a culture that stretches and takes bold (but not crazy) risks- How to connect the tasks and features you build to the goals- How to pivot before it’s too late During this workshop, attendees will learn: - How to set meaningful goals and track their progress against them- How to align your activities to your goals- How to experiment and use hypotheses to connect your users to your business goals.
About the speaker: Regan Davis is VP of Product, Data at Jellyvision, which helps people understand and act on some of life's most complicated, yet important, decisions: choosing their benefits. Prior to Jellyvision, he was the VP of Product at info.com, where he created a search and display advertising platform and categorized the internet.

OKR Go: How to Set Goals and Grow a Results-Driven Culture, Polsky Exchange - Washington Park Classroom събитие

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