четвъртък, 19. декември 2019, Holiday Inn Express, Dolphin Global Network Stoke On Trent

от 19. декември 2019 - 18:00 до 20:30

Holiday Inn Express

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Everyone in the world needs the opportunity to grow, develop and become successful in life, that is why Dolphin Global Network is the right platform & meet-ups for you.
Formerly know as Coach The World Meetups, Dolphin Global Network is an international community that will help you and other people with personal development and growth.
Our mission is to inspire, motivate, encourage, guide and connect People on Their Journey to success.
The monthly Dolphin Global Network meetings are all about creating relations, education, inspiration, motivation and unlock your potential.
Dolphin Global Network is a place where you can positively grow, develop and share knowledge.

Dolphin Global Network meetings will be enhanced by 2 amazing motivational speakers who are going to share their experience, knowledge and journey with you.
The Network is funded by Maria Kompanowski, herself Certified Master Coach, a great Networker and Peoples person. Maria`s experience and knowledge is in itself a great example of how we can change our lives through hard work and personal development.

Join us every month in Manchester, Liverpool, Stoke On Trent, Nottingham, London

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18.00 Open networking
18.30 Welcome and introduction
18.40 CTW Motivational Speaker: Clare Brown, Travel 
19.00 Break ( Free Coffees & Teas)
19.15 Introduction to Coach The World
19.30 CTW Motivational Speaker: Maria Kompanowski, "How To Become KPI" .
19.50 Announcements
20.00 Open Networking
20.30 End of the meet-up.

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