четвъртък, 05. декември 2019, Various UK Locations, Mastery In People & Coaching Skills

от 05. декември 2019 - 8:30 до 17:00

Various UK Locations

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5th December 2019 - PETERBOROUGH Marriott Hotel [view map]
22nd January 2020 - LONDON Jurys Inn, Watford [view map]
23rd January 2020 - BIRMINGHAM Maple House [view map]

Enable & coach high-performance ‘in the line’ and influence a collaborative culture of working with all stakeholders in the organisation
This certificated one-day skills training workshop is for all levels of management and focuses on the four tenets for unlocking high performance in the workplace using our proven '4HE' methodology: High-Engagement, High-Empowerment, High-Enablement and High-Expectation as the means to deliver ‘sustainable performance’ through a culture of integrity and continuous improvement. For the delegate... this workshop will provide each attendee with a repeatable approach and core fundamental coaching skills to any management role with the mindset of ‘people excellence’. We’ll be cramming the day with insight, skills and best practice that will inform the way attendees think about their approach to people-management now and throughout their career. For the business... this workshop is designed to teach and instil the highest levels of people management skills with the aim of running each business function as ‘market leading’ and with long-term sustainable intent. Each attendee will come to redefine the approach to their role with actions to implement positive change in the people; and suggest ways by which to improve how their business function currently operates.

BOOK EARLY: Limited to just 8 places!
SPECIAL OFFER: £425 + VAT (Normally £495 + VAT)
Offer ends 31st October 2019

Outcomes and benefits from the Workshop:
We will be covering 12 different elements of the approach to People & Coaching Skills For Business. In summary a delegate will come away with…

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A definition of the four tenets that enable any professional manager to approach their people situations ‘in the right way’.
An understanding of the ‘levels of life’ that operate in all workplaces; with the ability to make an accurate assessment of intention, motivation, capacity, commitment, capability and potential that can be achieved in each working relationship.
Using the ‘High Engagement Toolkit’ you will be able to achieve high levels of rapport and mutual understanding very quickly in any situation. With the five primary behaviours for assessing and engaging in any reality, delegates learn the ability to create a transparent space from which to work ‘in an open and honest way’.
Using the ‘High Empowerment Toolkit’ you will learn to shape relationships in which accountabilities, responsibilities and authorities are fully accepted & understood in the context of being able to agree plans and activities that lead to guaranteed outcomes.
The ‘High Empowerment’ session focuses on the underlying nature of issues that can lead human-beings to fall to the lowest levels of life – including mistrust, conflict, chaos or performance inertia. By being able to address these invisible ‘flaws’ ahead of time, you will learn the fundamental strategy to ‘head off’ future problems before they arise.
A primary skill of managers and leaders is to enable others to ‘be on top of role’ relative to their workplace interface in the line/matrix structure of the business function.
You will learn the ‘fundamental core principles’ of coaching in such a way that will support a ‘highly enabling’ but flexible style of leadership.
In the ‘High Expectations’ session, you will learn how to use the plumb-line of ‘integrity’ as the guiding value and tool to help you flex the style of management to one of five major situations that are part of managing high performance outcomes: Good discipline, Performance coaching, Performance management, Supporting continuous improvement, and Mentoring for career movement & promotion.
At the end of the day each delegate will have the chance to integrate their learning and work out what actions are required to maximise the benefit of the day when back in the workplace.

The shape and timing of the day:
08.30 - Registration, tea/coffee
09.00 - SESSION ONE: Mastery In People & Coaching Skills

Personal: Understanding the key coaching criteria & management skills that enable a manager to approach all people situations in the right way.
Cultural: Understanding the range of working cultures that exist and the sensitivity required when approaching people across all management situations. Become aware of the 'virtue and vice' sides of human behaviour and learn how to improve or 'manage out' signs of mistrust, conflict, chaos and performance inertia.

10.15 - Break, tea/coffee
10.30 - SESSION TWO: Coaching For High Engagement

Learn to use the ‘North Star’ and ‘Archetype’ Toolkits in the context of establishing high levels of rapport and quality in all working relationships.
Be able to ‘shape and create’ a joined-up reality in which transparency, integrity and honesty are requested, understood and agreed at the right level.

11.30 - Break, tea/coffee
11.45 - SESSION THREE: Managing For High Empowerment

Define the Accountabilities, Responsibilities and Authorities that go with any role.
Learn the skills and ability to construct a one-page schedule from which you can articulate ‘being on top of role’ for yourself and others, when managing performance ‘in the line’.

12.45 - Networking lunch
13.30 - SESSION FOUR: Mentoring Performance & High Enablement

Explore the two primary dimensions of ‘the outcome’ and ‘the journey’ that need mastering in being able to enable best performance outcomes in a ‘present-future’ direction.
Understand the parts of ‘human experience’ that must be included in any effective coaching & mentoring-based intervention; and come away with the core fundamental coaching skills required in the workplace.

14.45 - Break, tea/coffee
15.00 - SESSION FIVE: Leading With High Expectations

Learn to shape working relationships in the context of the easy to understand metaphor of ‘Escalator Up/Escalator Down’ Management.
Learn to set-up working relationships in the context of ‘Hands-off Management’ in which people ‘do what they agree to do’. This focuses intention and energy in the direction of high-performance and sustainable outcomes.

16.00 - Break, tea / coffee
16.15 - CLOSING SESSION: Summary and Integration

Pull your day together into a simple one-page learning summary.
Summarise any learning and development insights, strategies and actions that you need to work on as part of stepping back into your role.

17.00 - Close

What you get for your money:

A whole-day’s inspirational workshop summarising all that we have learned in helping people in organisations like yours over the past 15+ years.  This isn't what they teach you at business school!
The insight and tools to take back to your organisation that will enable you to instantly set about 'transforming' the level at which you are doing business through you and your team.
Hot or cold buffet lunch and networking opportunity with other enlightened and likeminded managers and leaders.
A personal one-to-one follow-up coaching session to ensure the day’s learnings stick and are proving practical in ‘real-life’!
Certificate Of Attendance (CPD Value: 7 Points).
OUR GUARANTEE!  If you are not completely satisfied that you can generate genuine additional value in your role by the end of the workshop, we'll refund every penny!
BOOK TODAY: This unique event is limited to just 8 places.
SPECIAL OFFER: Just £425 plus VAT (Normally £495 + VAT)
Offer ends 31st October 2019


Feedback from previous workshop attendees…
“…has turned my approach to people management around completely. Brilliant!”
 “Simply excellent”
 “A really enlightening day”

Delegates can change dates no less than 30 days ahead of the event at no additional charge.   Places are reserved for 7 days from receipt of booking to confirmed receipt of payment.
Cancellation Fees
60+ days ahead of event – 10% 31-60 days ahead of event – 50% 0-30 days ahead of event – 100%

Managing Director and programme leader, Richard Uglow, left the Armed Forces as a Second Lieutenant in 1986 and started his early career working in some of the largest companies in the UK. He was heading a production unit within Cadbury by the time he was 23 and achieved the role of Commercial Director at Geest UK by his early-30s. Richard is a qualified accountant, holds a and is an NLP Master Coach, with experience in production and financial management, plus extensive understanding of both scale-up and turnaround businesses. In 2001, Richard founded Enrichyou which specialises in business management and leadership development.
Co-director, Andrew Whittaker, started at the other end of the business spectrum by co-founding his own direct marketing business straight out of college, where he qualified with an HND in business administration. Andrew profitably grew his business from nothing to over £2.5M turnover before successfully selling his stake in 2005. During this time, he further qualified as a Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (MCIM) and was a founder member of the UK Direct Marketing Association (DMA). Andrew now works as a business coach-consultant and applies his extensive experience to help businesses grow effectively by developing their commercial success through 'value-chain' and customer-focused strategies.
After gaining a first-class degree in Engineering, Rachael Kirkham went on to develop and lead the graduate recruitment and development programme for United Utilities plc. Her combined experience of working in senior roles as a Senior Occupational Psychologist, and founding her own leadership consultancy working with major organisations in the private, public and charity sectors, has lead to a whole range of organisations developing positive leadership cultures with profitable outcomes for all business stakeholders. Rachael specialises in both NLP and Accelerated Learning techniques and now works as an associate business partner of Enrichyou to design and engender performance-led cultures.
Our series of events are designed to inspire, motivate and educate - in equal measure - to bring long lasting top-line and bottom-line financial improvements, and help you assure long-term commercial success for your organisation! Since 2001, Enrichyou has helped businesses of all sizes onto profitable and sustainable growth paths and delivered over £350 Million of client recorded added value, with a 100% record on client requested outcomes. 100s of directors and leaders have been developed to deliver sustainable economic value, along with 1000s of managers transformed into leaders.
It is from this history and combined commercial know-how that the Enrichyou team aim to transform the way we do business into one founded on principles of integrity and long-term sustainability.  Their experience and vision is utterly unique and pioneering.

Mastery In People & Coaching Skills, Various UK Locations събитие

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