четвъртък, 14. ноември 2019, MentorMate's Office, What It Takes To Be a Multidimensional BA

от 14. ноември 2019 - 19:00 до 20:30

MentorMate's Office

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Event Overview
We're glad to announce our next DevTalk in collaboration with IIBA Bulgaria. This session will focus on the BA role on projects through two prisms: social impact and technology. We will explore a case study showing how technology can be used to make an impact and change lives for the better. Also, we will see how technology affects the role of BAs and what we could do today to upgrade our portfolio.
Note: This is an IIBA-certified seminar. Participants will receive 2 CDUs for attending. 
Nice to haveDesire to make a difference and be an impactful Business Analyst or desire to make a difference as a BA and be a key member of your team(s).

Case study: How technology can help stroke survivors 

Technical BAs in an evolving technology space


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Magdalena Chervenkova
Senior Business Analyst
Maggie is a Senior Business Analyst with more than seven years of experience in the field.She started as a BA in the banking sector and later took on the role of IT consultant in a small startup. Maggie believes the ability to quickly and efficiently understand the client's business processes is a skill every BA should have.
She has worked on a diverse range of projects in healthcare and transportation, including an app for the Asian market which helps patients recover from a stroke, and many more. In her free time, she often finds herself in distant lands, in the embrace of the native Rhodope Mountains, or in the presence of as many animals as she could.
Donada Bichaku
Business Analyst
Donada found herself in the IT field naturally after finishing up her Computer Science degree. What she loves about working as a BA is the high dynamic of the job and how you get to be a part of making companies successful or as she says “Work every single day to make great ideas an even greater reality”. She has worked on an app for cyclists, a food distributor, sketch plugins and an app for charity. In her free time she loves hiking and telling people she’s Albanian because everyone thinks she’s from Romania.

How to get here: 
Hope you can make it!
Additional info: office@devtalks.bg

What It Takes To Be a Multidimensional BA, MentorMate's Office събитие

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