понеделник, 20. януари 2020, Sheraton Athlone Hotel, Clarity at Athloners

от 20. януари 2020 - 10:30 до 17:30

Sheraton Athlone Hotel

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CLARITY is a 1 day workshop held by Richard from RL FILMS Co. Richard's approach to wedding videography training is one of complete openness, honesty and a no fluff mindset with an aim to drive genuine change within your creative process and business with very clear and simple growth strategies. The 2 day videography workshop is split into Creative and Business, covering everything you will need to either get started in the wedding videography business or transform your current approach, everything is covered. From shooting techniques to how a wedding is broken down to make it an easy filming process. From framing and how to use light, to pricing for growth and how to work from just one small kit bag, audio, grading and everything in-between. This workshop is designed for every level and skillset. Whether you're a photographer starting out in wedding videography or a fully seasoned wedding videographer there is plenty to take from Clarity. in 2018 there has been 4 workshops in total and from every single event there has been massive change in attendees approaches to their business and shooting with people successfully doubling their fees. This is one full day of learning how to navigate through a very noisy industry and come out on top with your ROI being a priority. This is about being in a completely different place within your business 12 months from now. Yes you'll be inspired, with 20 creatives in a room talking about what we love its hard not to be, but the goal is to drive real change, actionable knowledge and accountability.

Clarity at Athloners, Sheraton Athlone Hotel събитие

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