сряда, 27. ноември 2019, Spode Works, ***** Education 100: shaping the future of education in North Staffordshire

от 27. ноември 2019 - 10:00 до 12:30

Spode Works

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Research shows lifelong learning is good for everything from improved job prospects to delaying dementia. It’s also fun. And yet participation in ***** education is at its lowest level on record. What can be done to make learning accessible to everyone?  

We want to bring together everyone with an interest in lifelong learning to talk and strengthen our connections. 

How can our organisations and groups connect more effectively to support learning across our communities? 

How can learning support the redevelopment of volunteering and leadership in our communities? 

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How can ***** learning providers make sure our offer fits the needs of twenty-first century learners? 

In this interactive workshop everyone is an expert, whether you’re from an organisation offering learning, a charity or community group supporting people of all ages, or have experience of learning and your own communities that you can share. We hope that the event will help us all to build stronger connections and relationships for a thriving learning landscape across North Staffordshire. The workshop is free and there will be refreshments. 
This workshop is part of the commemoration of the 1919 Report on ***** Education which was an important milestone in the history of ***** education. Read more here. 
Back in 1919, North Staffordshire had hundreds of people studying across its towns and villages, many run by students who started weekly tutorial classes in Longton with RH Tawney from 1908. The legacy of ***** learning in Stoke and North Staffordshire can still be seen today through institutions like Keele University and the New Vic, streetnames on estates built by councillors who'd been WEA students and the ongoing interest in our heritage of intermational friendship seen through examples like the Lidice campaign and the Esperanto Society of Great Britain. This workshop will give us a chance to reflect on all that we can be proud of, while looking to the future together and wondering how student-led learning can grow again in the twenty-first century. 
This event is being organised by the WEA and supported by the Computer Recycling Consortium.

***** Education 100: shaping the future of education in North Staffordshire, Spode Works събитие

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