неделя, 23. февруари 2020, The Potting Shed, Space Studios, Make a Ceramic Roman oil lamp

от 23. февруари 2020 - 14:00 до 16:00

The Potting Shed, Space Studios

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Bring history to life with this exciting 2 hour workshop.
Make a working replica Roman oil lamp in clay. These lamps use cooking oil and a wick and are lit like a candle.
Su, an archaeologist and ceramicist for many years, offers a choice of ten differently designed lamp moulds (for example ship, dolphin, shell, gladiator) all based on actual Roman lamps excavated on archaeological sites, many here in London.
The workshop offers an introduction to pottery techniques including using a press mould, joining clay, fettling and finishing and the experience of making a ceramic oil lamp using the same  techniques and materials as the Romans did.
This is a hands-on way of getting a further understanding of Roman life and craftsmen.
At the end of your session the lamp will be dried, then fired in her kiln. It can be picked up from there when fired, by arrangement.
You will get your beautiful, functioning Roman lamp with a wick and leaflet about its origin.
Ready to use!
You need to bring: Your enthusiasm for making pottery! My studio can be very cold in winter so please wear warm clothes. Clay can be messy so bear this in mind although I do provide plastic aprons
Cancellation policy The course may be cancelled if not enough people book in which case full refund of workshop fees will be given. If participants cancel with 28 days notice they will get 90% refund, 2-3 weeks notice 70% refund , 1 weeks notice 50% refund

Make a Ceramic Roman oil lamp, The Potting Shed, Space Studios събитие

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