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Staffordshire Chamber Of Commerce

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❇️ Successful ENTREPRENEURS, COACHES and VISIONARIES– listen up! ❇️
Do you want to WRITE A BOOK because you have something valuable to share with the world, but you have no clue how to get it published?
Join us in this 3-hour Masterclass so you can finally publish your book and reach millions of readers on Amazon.
Learn how to plan, write, package and launch your book as a self-published author. We will show you exactly what you need to do to become a #1 best-selling author, even if you don't have a large audience or a publicist.
This SPECIAL live, in-person event is your chance to:

Gain CLARITY about your book and what it takes to self-publish 

Learn PROVEN marketing strategies to promote and sell your book

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CONNECT with other aspiring authors for support and accountability

Take REAL ACTION to turn your passion into a #1 best-seller on Amazon

Simple, ****-sized steps to avoid overwhelm
We will simplify the self-publishing process and break it down into small, actionable steps so you can take one simple step at a time -- from doing your market research, to crafting your book outline, to writing and packaging your book, and selling it like a seasoned pro!
Ready to go from blank page to #1 best-selling author in 2020?
Grab your TICKET now! >>Hurry! Only 5 seats available.
About your host
Dr. Emee Vida Estacio is a 3x #1 best-selling author and Founder of Self-Publishing Made Simple. She supports entrepreneurs, coaches, and visionaries to turn their ideas into high impact, non-fiction books that reach and transform people's lives. Her flagship course, Self-Publishing Made Simple, attracts students worldwide and builds a strong and supportive community where authors can share their self-publishing journeys, together!
Email us: info@ with us on Facebook: our FREE Self-Publishing Made Simple Community:

How to Write and Publish A Book , Staffordshire Chamber Of Commerce събитие

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